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종유 • you'll never know i liked it。
No flairs, no stunts. This will be my last post here.

I've neglected Project 365 so badly, and I'm really sorry for this, but work and RL have been taking too much of my time and still are. It is for this reason that I'll be leaving fandom and LJ, more or less. It's been great being in the graphics making world for 5 years or more, and thank you so much for sticking with me til the very end.

I've been meaning to do an Icons through the ages post for so long already, and I think it's just right to do one now. Just a short trip down memory lane.


Thanks for the great trip, guys. You were all amazing.

♥ Reeza
12th-Jun-2011 09:36 pm - (MOD) Icon Praise Meme!
닉쿤 • food for thought。


I'd also like to take this opportunity to ASK FOR PICTURES TO CREATE ICONS WITH! Leave as much pics as you want. The higher the quality, the better. I'm planning to make a huuuuge post for the weeks I missed (around 6 now, I think?) after the icon battle with aoza, so please leave as much pics as you can! This is also to celebrate personalise hitting the big 600! :D

Thanks, everyone!

Much love,
ポケモン • brock likes this!
I am known to come up with all these weird ideas for comms, but this is something that I'd particularly like to 'implement', so to speak. Without further adieu, here is the first issue of Affiliate Spotlight!

* 'Recs' are, in no way, biased and dependent on the subject of the iconmaker's icons/graphics.

13th-Mar-2011 12:21 am - (MOD) The Icons 365 Project
종유 • you'll never know i liked it。

I want to do this!
Awesome! Send me a link to your icon journal/community or anything that will lead people to your Icons 365 collection.

Interested in taking part?
Make use of this badge/code to let people know!

Project Participants

onew | personalise
aoza | yahnande
harbor | aseaofbirds
rakuen_tenki | rainbowline
teikoku | matoryoshika
capelle | sexyhandcuffs
tulita | heartflaw
snorchu | outskies
blackpapillon | volarluna
sakura_seasons | sakura_seasons
melybum | deariies
fraulinerose | meganebu
omonaki | durizu
kupobun | harukisu
efflugent | orangebluekip
marsh113 | memory_skye
miuwmiu | toktsok
duveins | x_tremelywild
fay_of_sunshine | iconic_lurve
l2inl2in | iaculantia
lovestrucked911 | jigeum
coronare | thecrown
nonchatte | nonchatte
twinstrike | twinstrikeish
x_tsurara_x | xiahrang
lauraelizabeth9 | lauracgraphics
ramening | phonios
lhants | life_returns
miyasaikou | cyanstreaks
synnesai | d3vil_insid3
kaena25 | tempted_grafix
mulgoki | ppiero
tsukihane | wintersymphonia
taminas | eyesparks
astrokittie | chronophages
laura300099 | impure_icon
fadedincolor | mintypatty
alvanista | estheticons
rangs | ringrings
criminalqueen | catswort
havokpanda | murdersimulator
flashily | shioshi
heylala | summerline
akushiro | pimpinellia
ce_lestic | avantgeeks
stharridan | yakusoku_art
billhook | tokuhoro
lumati | lovestoryicon
rhodanum | soulfused
downburst | grandcardinal
yunie_sign | xxpyrography
fiende | tentacleness
lilpocketninja | hophopicon
anionna | skiesareorange
maizono | amai_uso
hinowa | velvethouse
fourdgrace | oyobidesuka
ereluna | kiiroi_tsuki
jou_kai_mokie | jkm_graphics
daicheto | kimkard
sunshineraven | glitterysuicide
indefiance | ohpretty
yamask | nosferalto
sawako_shota | kiimochi
kidalana | kidalana
ooamenohime | ochanokuni
tohsaka | cardinalsins
netbug009 | netbugstuff
raikune | iconfizz
thecollectcall | bonystreet
stardustyo | stardustyo
suhoons | trapnests
kwonlover | kpoptown
dalmasca | eigencolors
cheshire414 | amaranthusicons

Frequently Asked Questions
01. Do I have to post 5 icons everyday?
No, you don't have to. You do have to make 5 icons a day, though, and post all the icons you've made in a week (35, assuming that you did 5 for every day of the week) on Sunday.

02. Will this go on only until the end of March?
No, this is a year-long commitment. By 'signing up' for this, you are committing yourself to making 5 icons everyday, until December 31, and posting your weekly icons every Sunday until the last Sunday of the year.

03. Is this a contest? Do we get anything at the end of the project?
No, it isn't, and sadly you don't get any shiny stuff. You get the pleasure of honing your skills, though! Isn't that an awesome compensation?

04. What if I miss posting for one week?
Simple: you post all the icons that you've made for the project at the soonest possible time. No excuses.

05. Can I ask my friends to do this?
Oh yes, by all means! Spread the word; use the code above.

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